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What is a CPM

Certificate of Public Management

The Certificate of Public Management (CPM) is a subset of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program, customized to the needs of those interested in the area of public management. Prepared mangers in the public service sector are constantly sought after in an increasingly globalized nation. Those students who obtain the CPM are challenged in the areas of organization, leadership, decision-making, service delivery and organizational structure in preparation for management in the ever-growing public sector.

The CPM is a 15 credit program that requires completion of at least 9 credits from the core competency as well as other required courses. An additional 6 credits may be earned in one of the concentration areas. CPM students are not required to designate a major professor and committee, as the director of the Public Policy and Administration Porgram will approve course selection for each student.

The admissions standards for the CPM are identical to those for the MPA degree. Students who complete the CPM are eligible to continue their studies to earn an MPA by completing the creative component and fulfilling further credit requirements.

For those students who seek to add a CPM to their pre-existing Master’s or Ph.D, the certificate allows them to gain critical management skills and knowledge so that they may better manage programs and organizations in their specialization.

The Certificate of Public Management is evidence of a student’s aptitude in management and leadership roles. Although it is often used as a stepping stone for the Master of Public Administration, the certificate enhances the achievement of any graduate student.

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